In this book, Peter constructively explains how a startup can become successful. There are two types of companies: monopolists & competitors. For monopoly type company such as Google, they are dominant power in their fields, while competitors are under great pressure of competition. A lot of small startups could mistakenly think of their uniqueness. From what I know and what I have seen, I think one of my friends who started a company in smart home is in the field of competition while he bragged he’s monopolist, but I really doubt that because if you want to sell smart locker or smart light, then you need to persuade customers to buy your product rather than traditional locker with keys or traditional light. I think smart home is not smart at all since it requires more steps to do certain functionality than traditional ways and is not cheap at all!

I have some ideas about entrepreneurship, but I am now going to do it any soon since this way brings a lot of risk and uncertainty.

But back to the book, one phrase I learned and memorized is that power low: For whoever has will be given more and they will have an abundance. Whoever has not, even what they have will be taken away. (Matthew 29:25) This is an insight to what I have learned and I think this is important to know since rich people are always few. Considering my own future, I want to be rich but in a healthy way, like through hard working instead of overnight success.

Anyway, this book has many insights on how could startups be successful, anyone who is interested in starting their own companies should read it.