TL;DR I got married. Life in new chapter.

It have been a while since I last updated the blog. I have not been reading much, and I was busy doing jobs. But I have been co-inhibiting with my girlfriend (now wife) since March 3rd. And now we got married today. It has been a journey since she broke up with her ex last year but was haressed constantly until December when she finally was able to delete all the contacts. Then she contacted me but thought I was too fat in December. She almost lost interest but I proved myself by losing more than 20 kilograms during 3 months (100kg->75kg) and she was satisfied and we had great sex in a luxury hotel (she had orgasm more than six times per day ;) We then moved together to an apartment near the school. She was still doing her phd so I carried the burden of living. The costs are quite affordable even for an entry level job in Hong Kong. However, we are considering migrating to a new country since both of us feel uncomfortable of the natural and political environment in China. So there will be a lot of applications and preparation to do, best luck to us.