Well, it’s near the end of 2022 and I just came back from a journey so I have a lot of free time now. A lot happened this year and I am going to list/remember by month

  • January: I came back from HK November last year and I moved to Chaohu, a rural area of Hefei, where I can enjoy the scenery of mountains, hills, and lakes despite sacrificing the convenience of living in a big city. It reminds me of being in Europe.
  • Febuary: I don’t remember much happened, but I think my father took me to a head professor of mathematics department in USTC (one of best universities in China) to consult about my career path and whether I can find a job under his guidance. The professor has a lot of students starting companies in the city etc. But it turns out my own planning is quite solid and the professor also agrees with my plan, the only problem for me is that my parents think I wasting too much time on find the “perfect” topic and delaying my entrance to PhD. I agree this point to a certain context, but in reality, I didn’t prepare GRE and TOEFL so I don’t think I am able to apply, besides as I am interested in blockchain technology, I still don’t see a bright future with the topic as I suppose the most successful application is still bitcoin and it’s still about making money/gain profits. The future is not clear. So I am hesistating to make any real differences.
  • March: My father drived me to Weifang, Shandong to take my guitars. I have contacted with the factory boss and some friends because I have previously sent a lot of materials to the friend’s places. Also I custom ordered several guitars. Visiting the factory is quite interesting and not that convenient as the zero-coivd policy is still in place in most part of China and if I didn’t register before I won’t be able to visit the factory as in Spring Festive time. But luckily I am able to successfully visit the factory and retrieve most of my guitars. The boss is also nice and shrewd. I got him some more orders as well. When I came back, I also re-painted one of my guitars and send back to the factory, however the result is not as good as I thought. Besides, I also participated in the Great Guitar Build Off (GGBO2022). However, as life took a turn I didn’t finish any of my planned projects/videos. I got some dms about work opportunities from Hong Kong. To be honest, I didn’t expect any of those job opportunities to pan out because I had just had a terrible experience with a boss and was also trying to stick with the idea of applying to postgraduate schools. However, life is a box of chocolate and I happen to know a very good HR and a very good work opportunity. Although I was initially casual about the job invitations, I ended up talking to various companies and doing several interviews. As a result, I landed a job with a somewhat decent salary and the ability to work remotely.
  • April: I started working and encountered some challenges as a beginner in rust programming. However, I quickly gained hands-on experience and began completing tasks. And I started to finish some tasks.
  • May: As I become more familiar with my work, I am able to complete tasks in a shorter period of time. I think I paid off all my debt from HK and I started to have savings. I also tried to reclaim some of my crytos but someone I am still lazy to make a real change on the investing strategy.
  • June: Although I didn’t remeber much from June but I checked the records and found I was deleted by someone, it was such a shock. I was a bit confused and angry but I also think I might be too pushy or too judgemental. I always had the choice to live in Europe or America, but someone who has never been abroad may not understand why foreign countries could be viewed as a trap.
  • July-August: I bought my mother a new Xiaomi 13 Pro smartphone as a Mother’s Day present. It was really hot during summer time, I remember my parents visiting me, checked on my new laser-print machine. I am also trying to lose some weights but not really determined.
  • September: Bought XBOX gaming devices & new redmi pro notebook as there are some web3 events in Dali and I want to participate but my parents fear that I will get quarantine and they refused me to go. Also I really hate the daily coivd testing policy in China when you moves to a new place. I do not need to do coivd testing while I am staying where I am. (which turns out to be a bubble). And I still regret not going to the event since I can only regret the things I did not do. Maybe I miss the next big thing in crypto. I can go there another time but it will never be the same. So I really learned a lesson is that to try new things and meet new people, don’t be afraid of the government and I should make my own decisions not by anyone else. (In reality I am still struggling)
  • Ocotober: I need to do coivd testing basically every day because my parents fear the government will pose a more strict rule and there are several positive cases in my area and traffic control already took place for 1-2 weeks.
  • November: Just doing my jobs, spent a lot of time playing Overwatch 2.
  • December: China lifted zero-coivd policy, the place turns to be chaotic. My parents are both positive. I still live alone at the countryside. The gal deleted on June added me back, I was quite suprise to learn the change on her side. We chatted and I decided to go visit her. My first sex experience with another being turns out to be a mess. Low on sugar/shocked/etc makes me couldn’t focus and I went panic. The gal left overnight but decied to leave for good. At the moment I decied to re-gain my fittness and confidence. Finish those I should have done 3 years ago.

What to expect in 2023

  1. fitness (physical & mental)
    • keep weight under 75kg
    • re-gain muscles
    • read books & talk to new poeple
    • keep my Tinder profile alive
  2. GRE & TOEFL (& CFA if I still have time)
  3. application to graduate school
  4. move back to Finland (or Europe at least)
  5. application for HK talent plans
  6. keep practicing guitar solo & rhythm (I think I should be able to perform kfir oachion’s songs)
  7. learn some music production