2019 is near the end. Here is my recap of what happened this year.


  • Rejected by a girl and I found myself in deep sadness. Started reading 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson and The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk but did not finish either of them (even today).
  • Had final for first semester of year 4 but did poorly.


  • Prepare for my research assistant position in Singapore.
  • Spring Festival at home.

March - August

  • Went to Singapore and started RA.
  • Had some fun experiences in Singapore>
  • Re-unite with old friends and meet a lot of new people.


  • Went back to China.
  • Wait for professor’s response and went to Tsinghua University, but found professor could not provide formal contract, then decided to leave.
  • Had dinner with tuna community.
  • A paper got accepted.

September - Now

  • Went to CSE at Zhejiang University.
  • The professor is much more friendly and met most of my needs (basic income, flexible work time, friendly lab atmosphere, interesting topics).
  • Submitted a paper.


In 2020, there are a lot of things I want to do,

  • Read more books. Here is a basic list to finish:
    • 12 Rules for Life
    • The Museum of Innocence
    • 市场与政府
    • How Google Works
    • The Singapore Story
    • How to read a book
  • GRE / TOEFL.
  • More papers!
  • Find direction of PhD.
    • Security
    • Blockchain
    • Deep Learning
    • …and more?
  • Google Summer of Code (GSoC): Catch it before graduation!
  • Find a girlfriend, maybe?
    • I guess I am just too nerdy (whispering…).
  • Play piano!
    • 千本桜
    • The Flight Of The Bumble-Bee
  • Play around with electronic music, maybe?
  • Pass Japanese Language Test (N2), maybe?

Before the post ends,

I wish all my family and friends a happy new year!